Saturday, July 27, 2013

Back to Basics

I have been watching Sandra Strait's blog closely. She was waiting to hit 1,000,000 visitors to her blog. She hit it this morning and I was prompted to look at my visitor number. Mine was a whopping 4,999. Well, just a few less than Sandra; however, I was so excited anyway that I ran to my husband and told him he had to go to my blog to push it to the 5,000 number. He thought it a bit silly, but, being a good hubby, he did and pushed me over to a magical milestone. While there, he finally looked at my blog and was amazed enough that we spent the rest of the morning creating a blog for him!
Sandra had a big contest going. Of course I entered along with the other million of readers. So, I was thinking, if I live long enough to reach a million, I will do a great give-a-way like Sandra!
In the meantime, I was feeling like my work was really getting sloppy. I started thinking that maybe it is because I am rushing all the time to get the next dare/contest/challenge/TOW done and forgetting the real reason for doing Zentangle. Mindfulness, relaxation, and zen. Well, I pulled out a "real" tile, my good micron pen, turned out all the outside noise, took some deep breaths and actually enjoyed what I was doing:

This was my TOW (tangle of the week) for my Yahoo Zentangle Inspired Art group. Our challenge was to use Dust Bunny by Margaret Bremner. Not done in a rush, not done on cheep paper, not done with whatever pen my hand reached for. Just a traditionally composed Zentangle tile. A complete joy to do.

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