Monday, September 28, 2015

Zentangle® on a Stencil, Zenith, and an Inchie

This week, over at I Am the Diva, Laura has a guest post from Charlotte Carpentier, CZT. Charlotte suggested that we try some stencils to make our strings. I made a few and really didn't like them until I grabbed a piece of heavy white paper to sop up the top of the stencil I had used that was covered in Dylusions Ink Spray. I loved the reverse use of the stencil. I did very little tangling, using a white Signo, mostly because I liked it just the way it was at that point. A bit of Verve, not even completed, and some Holibaugh style crossed auras.
The focus tangle for Square One (Sorry, no link today. Facebook seemed to be having a meltdown?) was to use Zenith. I had just done that and so I just decided to push it even more. I made it go in the round and then I expanded it outward in Arukas style.
And, finally, for Every Inchie Monday, the prompt word was Hotel. Well, we have a very famous hotel here in Jerome, Arizona named the Grand Hotel of Jerome. Thought to be haunted by many it is quite the tourist attraction. I have seen it, but never gone in. We go up to Jerome now and then to have lunch at the Haunted Hamburger and enjoy the gorgeous view as the town is built high up on the side of the mountain! 

I did attempt to draw this and then gave up and just printed out a one inch photo that I doctored just a tad. I guess I was never meant to be an architect LOL! 

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We are off on a little trip, so if you leave a comment after Tuesday, the 29th, it may not post for several days. I do comment moderation and I don't think we will have the Internet where we are going camping. I will post them all and reply after we return. (If you think you might come to my house and "steal" pencils while we are gone, be aware that our house sitter will be here with our big dog Rufus, kitty Charlie, and bird Jasmine!) Thanks for your understanding.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Zendala with Tortuca and Arukas

Head on over to get the template used for this Zendala from Erin at The Bright Owl. Do take a look at the finished works of the other very talented tanglers while you're there.
I used Arukas and Tortuca, keeping this quite simple. Thank you for dropping by. I really enjoy reading your comments!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Zentangle® a Pepper, Meringue and an Inchie

Last week, when we did stripes, I wondered if I would ever do them again. I was surprised to find myself grabbing this magazine photo to tangle for this week's challenge, "tangle something unexpected" from Laura at The Diva Challenge. Stacked again LOL!
I used, top to bottom, Cadent, Printemps, 'Nzepple, Hibred, Nekton, and Poke Root. Because the paper was glossy, I only added a bit of shading using a Fabrico cool gray marker. The tangling was done with a green, fine line, sharpie.

Square One focus tangle this week is Meringue by Kelley Kelly.
And, the prompt word for Every Inchi Monday is Myth. I'll bet you can guess which myth this one is based on.
Yup, it's Nessie. I love myths and think there has to be at least a smidgen of truth in them, but that's the dreamer in me :)

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Zendala Dare #109

Erin gave us a delightful template to use this week for The Zendala Dare. It was one of those templates that didn't speak to her for a long time. I'm glad it finally did because that's what a challenge is all about, right?
I really enjoyed the odd edge and turned it into a frame of Emingle. I love the star in the center. Do print this one up and play. It's a fun one to do.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Zentangle® in Stripes, Opus, and an Inchie

This week, Laura over at I Am the Diva, challenged us to use stripes. Strickles, Shattuck, and Rain filled my stripes.
Square One's focus tangle this week is Opus. I added a bit of rounding to this one.
And, for Every Inchie Monday, the prompt was Rhythm. Nothing soothes me more than the rhythm of the waves. I even sleep to a CD of the oceans soothing sounds.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Arukas as a Zendala

When I saw the Zendala Dare for today, my first impulse was to do Paradox. But, as I scrolled down, I say that Erin had done Paradox already. Hummm. Then, Arukas popped into my head and I went with it. I did a single for the middle and a double on the outer.
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Zentangle® CanT, Inapod, and an Inchie

Labor Day put a delay in the Diva Challenge this week, but it was certainly worth the wait. It is a "use my tangle" week and Chris Titus has given us such a versatile tangle to play with. I think it is just so much fun. For some reason, it reminds me a bit of tessellations. I let this new tangle, CanT, morph into Cadent. I really pushed it a bit. I find little busy tangles a bit fussy, so I'm sure I will let it grow a bit in the future. I can see this being used in so many different ways. So simple too. Thanks Chris!
Inapod is a favorite that I just never think to use, so when I saw that it was this week's focus tangle for Square One, I was really looking forward to stretching that as well. I did some cross hatching and stipple. Then an aura of shading.
And, for Every Inchie Monday, the prompt word was "ear"! Usually I plan everything completely, but sometimes it is good to just "play it by ear"!

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