Monday, March 23, 2015

Zentangle® Spirals, Mooka and Lasso the Moon

Let's play with a spiral, suggests the Diva for Challenge #210. Well, why not? Oh, at this moment I wish I were Helen Williams. Sigh. But, since I'm not, here's my version of a spiral with kind of a Btl Joos, kind of Meer and Msst.

For Facebook's Square One = Mooka to which I added Fescu, Tipple and Fengle.
And, for Every Inchie Monday, the prompt word was Lasso. Do you remember It's a Wonderful Life where George offers to lasso the moon for Mary?

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day in Zentangle®, Some Oof, and an Inchie

The Diva Challenge #209 was to use green. You know I love a challenge and like to try to think outside of the box. Not today. The gray cells are not in motion. So, I actually did the first think I thought of, a Shamrock. I kept it simple with just Verve and Betweed. I used two different Sharpie pens in green, a Koi coloring brush pen for the surround, shading with Fabrico gray and dots with a white gel pen.

Facebook's Square One tangle of the week was Oof to which I added Jetties and Fescu.
And, for Every Inchie Monday, the prompt word was "nail". Again, keeping it simple.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Zentangle®, Cubine, Pokeroot, Bunzo and an Inchie

This week, the Diva challenged us to do a duotangle of Cubine and Pokeroot. These are basic beginner tangles but I'll bet we see some masterful adaptations from our talented group.

 Can you see the three Pokeroot tangles?

Square one, on Facebook, gave us Bunzo to work with. I really enjoyed this one. I added some Mooka.
And, over at Every Inchie Monday, the prompt was "Egyptian". The eye of Ra was passed to each Pharaoh and was thought to be all seeing and protected the King by repelling all evil!

And, just for fun, I thought I'd share some tiles that I just did for a class I taught using alcohol inks on tiles. If you are local, I would love to do this class again. We sure had fun. Check out my Workshops page above that lists the classes I can arrange for you.
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Monday, March 2, 2015

Unbatz by Sandy Hunter, Sez and an Inchie

It's the first Monday of the month, and so the Diva Challenge was to use Unbatz, by CZT Sandy Hunter. This was a fun pattern that allows for many variations, if you're willing to look for them, as you know I always am. I added some Meer, Chartz and Tipple.

The tangle chosen for this week at Square One on Facebook was Sez that I paired with Rain.
And, finally, for Every Inchie Monday, the prompt was Love. Even I didn't want to mess with love LOL! Just a tiny quilled heart with a jeweled heart.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Sewing a Zentangle®, Strircles and an Inchie

This week, over at the Diva's, the challenge is to try using tools or materials you've never used before for tangling. I had my sewing machine out for a page I was doing for my art journal and thought, well, why not? Many of you know that my favorite tangle is Rick's Paradox, so here it is on a small (just shy of 4"x4") piece of lavender cardstock.
I added shading with a cool gray Fabrico pen. This should really be a fun week of seeing many different types of ZIA's (Zentangle Inspired Art).

For Square One on Facebook, the tangle of the week was Strircles. Not necessarily a favorite, but I had some fun doing overlapping beginning lines to make it more interesting. Then I had to add a few that had almost escaped but found themselves still attached with the string. A few black pearls slipped in as well.

And, finally, Every Inchie Monday and the word snail as a prompt. I'm so glad I don't work anymore. My daily commute on the freeway was close to two hours a day, often because the traffic was moving at a snail's pace! In case you can't tell, this is the view from the helicopter that was always flying and  reporting on yet another accident. (You can't see my car, as I am still miles behind LOL!)

And, in case you don't follow my other two blogs above, I am please to tell you that not only am I a Certified Zentangle Teacher and a Copic Certified Designer, but I recently passed all the testing to become an Accredited Spectrum Noir Colorist. I love learning and playing with all kinds of pens, pencils, paints and anything else. I'm still teaching Zentangle, but have added many other classes. This Friday, I have a class in Alcohol Inks that should be fun and the following week, we will explore water color techniques as used in art journaling. The week after that, we will explore colored pencils. How I love being retired!!!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

No Mistakes in Zentangle® and The Year of the Goat

The Diva is spending the day with her family today, so if you're looking for this week's challenge, do stop by again tomorrow. I will edit this post and add the challenge right on the post.

EDITED: As promised, here is the challenge from I Am the Diva.
The Year of the Goat With Betweed, Meer, and Tipple
Thursday is Chinese New Year, and in the Chinese Zodiac, 2015 is the Year of the Goat. I found that the lucky colors are brown, red, and purple, so that's what I used to do this ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art)

The tangle for this week on the Square One Facebook group was to use Huggins. But, the very first stroke I made was in the wrong direction. We all know there are no mistakes in Zentangle, so I went with it and wound up with three cornered Cadent that I then used my Derwent Colorsoft pencils and blended with Gamsol.
Then, I did the "correct" tangle, Huggins, but I still had to add some fun to it.
And, finally, the prompt for Every Inchie Monday was "texts". Have you heard the term "anchor" texts? Well, when you type in a word and then linking it to something else as a hyperlink, it helps search engines figure out the subject matter of the linked document. For instance, if I typed beautiful colors and linked it to one of my pieces, the search engine would add that to its little brain, or at least I think so LOL!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Zentangle® a Valentangle, Well, and an Inchie

With a nod to Valentine's day, the Diva, at I am the Diva,  challenged us to do a Valentangle this week. I love playing with hearts and tangles, so this was a fun one. I grabbed a nice piece of pink paper, traced a wooden heart and filled it with Verve. Then, I added Hollibaugh and filled the insides. Simple and fun.
Square One, on Facebook, had the tangle "Well" for this week. I added Rudox, Tagh, and Zinger.
And, finally, for this week's Every Inchie Monday, the prompt was "Night". Hummm, I had to think about this one for quite some time. I finally thought of "night cream". Anyone remember the horrors of their mom's nighttime ritual? (This was so much fun. I drew the woman first and then added molding paste. Do you think she'll look younger in the morning? LOL!)

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