Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Zentangle® For Earth Day and an Inchie

Earth Day, also known as Amanda Day. (Do check out the Diva Challenge for an explanation for that one!) I agreed that a round tile seemed appropriate, and I went for growing things, using a stamp, and chose the tangles Bumper and Zinger with an ink sprayed background and Sharpie and Fabrico pens. Let's take care of our earth!

The tangle for this week at Facebook's Square One was Jetties. I added some Static as a background.
And, for Every Inchie Monday, the prompt was Octopus. Did you know that the octopus has three hearts. More love I suppose :)

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Zentangle® with a Stencil

The Challenge from the Diva this week is to use a stencil as a string. Being an art journalist and card maker means I have LOTS of stencils. I chose one from TC Designs. I used Quib, 'Nzepple, Crescent Moon, Ibex, Knightsbridge, Betweed, and Tipple.

For Square One on Facebook, the tangle to use was Man-O-Man, to which I added Festune and Verdigogh.

And, Every Inchie Monday had a prompt of "Gecko!" Did you know that a mechanical engineer has come up with gloves for humans that mimic the sticky pads of a gecko's feet to allow for vertical climbing on smooth surfaces? Here is an interesting article about it.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Zentangle® Nipa and an Inchie

The Diva is taking a well deserved three day weekend for Easter, so no challenge to post today. I will simply edit this post tomorrow, Tuesday, so you can come back and see whatever she has in store for us.
Here is the Diva Challenge for this week. She has posted a Use My Tangle from Susan Goetter, called "Fanz" which I filled with Hibred. Kind of wonky, but I don't fight my tangles. If you insist on fighting what it wants to do, you are no longer doing Zentangle which is about relaxation and enjoyment. Don't fight your tangles and simply enjoy the process!
The Square One from Facebook, was to use Nipa. I added Msst and Tipple.
And, the prompt for Every Inchie Monday was "knitting". Well, as a knitter, you'd think I could stay normal for this one. NOT, LOL! So, I had to go with, when you break a bone, your body heals it by knitting the two pieces together. Such clever bodies we have and so very smart too!
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Zentangle® Flux, Squid, and an Inchie

The Diva is having a bit of a rough time and the link to the challenge may not show links to others' works yet. We are all saddened that poor little Artoo is having another issue with his health. He has certainly had to go through a lot already for such a sweet little fellow. We are all going to work on Flux this week and post it on our blogs only for now.
For Square One, the tangle was Squid. I made three different partial Squids that played tangle with each other. If you add your tangles to this group, I apologize if I have not "liked" your tangle. There are so many people in the group that it's easy to miss someones. It sure is a great place to see what everyone comes up with though, almost like the Diva Challenge.
And, for Every Inchie Monday, the prompt word was Oak, which, as a spinner, I took as an OAK which stands for "One of a Kind." I spun this yarn on my Ashford Traveler spinning wheel and it is made with 80% New Zealand Merino and 20% silk. The color is Black Current. Isn't it yummy? And, nobody else has the exact same yarn, so it is definitely one of a kind!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Zentangle® Spirals, Mooka and Lasso the Moon

Let's play with a spiral, suggests the Diva for Challenge #210. Well, why not? Oh, at this moment I wish I were Helen Williams. Sigh. But, since I'm not, here's my version of a spiral with kind of a Btl Joos, kind of Meer and Msst.

For Facebook's Square One = Mooka to which I added Fescu, Tipple and Fengle.
And, for Every Inchie Monday, the prompt word was Lasso. Do you remember It's a Wonderful Life where George offers to lasso the moon for Mary?

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day in Zentangle®, Some Oof, and an Inchie

The Diva Challenge #209 was to use green. You know I love a challenge and like to try to think outside of the box. Not today. The gray cells are not in motion. So, I actually did the first think I thought of, a Shamrock. I kept it simple with just Verve and Betweed. I used two different Sharpie pens in green, a Koi coloring brush pen for the surround, shading with Fabrico gray and dots with a white gel pen.

Facebook's Square One tangle of the week was Oof to which I added Jetties and Fescu.
And, for Every Inchie Monday, the prompt word was "nail". Again, keeping it simple.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Zentangle®, Cubine, Pokeroot, Bunzo and an Inchie

This week, the Diva challenged us to do a duotangle of Cubine and Pokeroot. These are basic beginner tangles but I'll bet we see some masterful adaptations from our talented group.

 Can you see the three Pokeroot tangles?

Square one, on Facebook, gave us Bunzo to work with. I really enjoyed this one. I added some Mooka.
And, over at Every Inchie Monday, the prompt was "Egyptian". The eye of Ra was passed to each Pharaoh and was thought to be all seeing and protected the King by repelling all evil!

And, just for fun, I thought I'd share some tiles that I just did for a class I taught using alcohol inks on tiles. If you are local, I would love to do this class again. We sure had fun. Check out my Workshops page above that lists the classes I can arrange for you.
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