Monday, January 26, 2015

Zentangle® Chebucto and Copada, Rixty and an Inchie

This week's Challenge from the Diva Challenge was to use Margaret Bremner's tangles Chebucto and Copada as a duotangle. Easier said than done! It took me three tiles because each time, I found myself adding different tangles inside the empty spaces NO, NO, not a duotangle anymore. Sigh. I will continue with those later though :)

For the Facebook group, Square One, the tangle was Rixty. I had fun letting Rixty grow into PokeRoot and PokeLeaf. I filled the insides with an aura and added some Fescu.
The prompt from Every Inchie Monday was "Talk". Well, they say "talk is cheap". Whoever said that has never seen my cell phone bill!

Thanks for stopping by and I always appreciate your comments.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Zentangle® a Moebius, Waax Challenge, and an Inchie

The Diva Challenged us to be part of Moebius Syndrome Awareness day, which is on Friday, January 24th. Her adorable son, Artoo, has this very rare disorder. Here is a link to more information. I used the Moebius Syndrome Foundation's logo as provided by Laura.

Square one tangle of the week was BB. I added Sandswirl, Sez, and Jetties.

Did you know that Linda has put a "link" button now whenever she introduces a new tangle on her site ( I have added my link for the new tangle "Waax by Ester Piszczek with a little Crescent Moon too. If you get on her mailing list, you will know when new patterns are added to this great resource.

And, finally the Every Inchie Monday prompt: Elephant. Did you know that elephants have been trained to paint? People have watched in amazement to see them doing it and have paid large sums to purchase the paintings. However, in researching this, I have found that their trainers pull on their ears to guide the brush. Not nice. But, I love elephants and like to think they can paint because it makes them happy.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Zentangle® Paradox and 'Nzeppel with an Inchie

Cheers for the Diva, who has posted 200 challenges for us! We thank her, not only for the fun challenges and learning, but for the friendships we have made along the journey.

For this challenge, #200, we were asked to use our go to or favorite tangle as a monotangle and be sure to add the year somewhere. My absolute favorite tangle is Rick's Paradox. I can add it to just about any shape too LOL! So here it is, on a Renaissance tile, with Paradox inside of Paradoxes.

Square One tangle this week was 'Nzeppel. I added some Cat-Kin and Pokeroot. Notice the 'Nzeppel inside of the Pokeroot? Think I have a problem?


And, finally, from Every Inchie Monday, the prompt was giraffe. I didn't want to go to afar with this one as the giraffe is my main totem. A totem, if you do not know, is an animal or thing that is believed to have spiritual significance. The giraffe, who sticks his neck out, reminds us that we all have the ability to rise up to a challenge and be graceful when doing so. I, the giraffe, love all the other giraffes in this group who boldly post something that they have created from their own heart.

Editing to acknowledge that, yes, the Diva asked for the number 200 and I, being a very poor reader of directions, turned that into the year. Oh, well, not perfect I guess :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Zentangle® Hitched, XYP, and an Inchie

It's so nice to have the Diva and her challenge back again this week. The first Monday of the month is another UMT (use my tangle) and the tangle was chosen from Heidi Sue, called Hitched. Do give it a try. I added a bit of Pokeroot and Paradox.

Square one tangle this week was XYP from Sandy Steen Bartholomew. I had some fun connecting these and letting some float away. I added some Diva Dance and Msst.
And, after completing one full year of Every Inchie Monday, a new year starts with the word "egg." This is a great time to join us. Small, easy, and fun. Don't put all your eggs in one basket!

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year With a Zentangle® Ahh and an Inchie

Another Divaless week, so all you get is a couple of things to see. I'd like to wish you all a happy and healthy New Year with lots of time for art play. I have joined way too many challenges starting in January so we'll see how well I can keep up. Several of the challenges are for art journaling, so do remember that you can click on the tabs above to see what I am up to with my different interests.

This week, on Square One, the tangle of the week was Ahh. I added double lines for the radiating arms and then let it grow into Laced.

For Every Inchie Monday, the prompt was "Magical". I have no idea why I like those silly quizzes that are available on the Internet, but for some reason I do. So, I decided to take the quiz that lets me know which kind of "magical creature" I am. And, it turns out that I am a fairy.
I used a free digi stamp from Dearie Dolls and reduced it so it would fit on a one inch square and colored with colored pencils.

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Zentangle® Christmas Post

This week = busy busy busy, for many of us. The Diva is off doing Christmas things, so no challenge this week. I'm kind of glad because I have been making my 4 grown boys tons of their favorite Christmas cookies. My hubby, of course, is right behind me eating them almost as fast as I can make them. I guess I'll need to make another batch today since my grandkids also expect a tin full waiting for them! Here is a link to them. I've been making them for Christmas for over 40 years! EASY. Do double. I tripled and still will have to make more LOL! (The fun part, for kids of every age, is that you use your hands to play with this dough to mix, although I do start with a mixer. The more you play, the better.)

I had a wonderful class this week, and since I don't have a Diva Challenge, I will share what these two fun ladies accomplished as new tanglers. You can always see student work on the Workshop tab on the top of my blog.
For Square One on Facebook, the tangle chosen was Crescent Moon. As you can see, I always teach this fun tangle at my beginning class.
And, finally, Every Inchie Monday had a prompt of ZigZag. Nothing "out there" for me this week. Toooo much to do LOL!
I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate. Hugs to all of you, my friends!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Zentangle® a KISS Mooka, Some Indy-Rella, And An Inchie

The Diva is back and her Challenge, #198, is to KISS, or keep it simple silly. Just about the easiest tangle, for me, is Mooka. I did it on a tan tile with an 05 brown and added red chalk and white charcoal. Simple!

For Square One on Facebook, the tangle was Indy-Rella. I made one huge one and then put little ones as a background grid.
 And, finally, for Every Inchie Monday, the prompt word was "yellow." Sometimes I amuse myself in seeing what direction I go. Somehow yellow fever, not a very nice thing, came to my mind. I hate (oh, that's a strong word, maybe dislike immensely?) mosquitoes.