Monday, December 5, 2016

Zentangle® Moowa, Reel, and an Inchie

I just love the new tangle by Anya Ipsen, CZT, called Moowa. So, I was pleased when the tangle this week from I am the Diva is Moowa. It has the grace of Mooka without the never ending part. I have a student who would like to learn more about Copic markers, so I created this for him to practice blending colors.

Square One, Facebook, has a prompt tangle of Reel by Lily Moon. This is a pretty tangle with so many possibilities. I did several variations to test it out.

And, Every Inchie Monday has an odd prompt of "42". So, 42 inches is three-and-a-half feet, right?

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Zentangle® Fragments, Reticula, Sindoo, and an Inchie

Well, the challenge from I am the Diva remains the same for this week except to use a fragment (filler) that is asymmetrical. I am happy to have another go at this. Last week, I tried to use an Ogee grid and lost myself along the way and had to say that I used an "irregular" gird. So, I decided to do it again, and did so with complete success. The filler is a fragment of Footlights by Carole Ohl, CZT.
The focus tangle at Square One, Facebook, is Sindoo by Sharon Robinson. I added some lines to it and it turned itself into Bales ­čś▓
This week’s Every Inchie Monday prompt is “Question”. This made the song from Stone Sour, Through Glass, keep running through my head. Especially this verse:
How do you feel? That is the question
But I forget you don't expect an easy answer
When something like a soul becomes initialized
And folded up like paper dolls and little notes
You can't expect a bit of hope
Not to leave anyone depressed. It is only a song and my dancing paper dolls should put a smile on your face!

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Zentangle® Reticula, Fragments, Moowa, and an Inchie

Over at I am the Diva, the challenge was to use Reticula (grids) and Fragments (repeating inner patterns). I dunked a Zentangle tile into some watered down Distress Inks and then had to play with my new gel pens. Wish you could see the sparkle, but sparkle seldom shows up nicely in photos or scans. The grid, wonky, and the pattern are both just ones that came out of my pen.
The focus tangle this week on Square One, Facebook, is to use Moowa by Anya Ipsen. Very interesting layering of a Mooka shape. I added Jax from Vera Giesbrech
And, my tiny one inch square idea comes from Every Inchie Monday where the prompt word is lighting. Be kind you your eyes and always have appropriate lighting to do your work.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Zentangle® Rainking, Keeko, and an Inchie

Sorry I missed commenting on everyone's post last week. I was gone for four days. If you are interested in my other life, you can read about it.

The tangle for the week over at I am the Diva, is Keeko, a basic filler. I added it around Rainking, featured below, and used Spectrum Noir watercolor pencils on a tan tile.
The focus tangle for Square One, Facebook is Rainking. Fun tangle!
And, I stayed so simple for the prompt word for Every Inchie Monday of Wormhole. When I was a child, we often ate apples straight from the tree without any pesticides. Horror of horrors and much spitting when this happened!

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Zentangle® Eaxy, Fassett, and an Inchie

This week is a Use My Tangle over at The Diva Challenge. This one, Eaxy, comes from Nadine Roller, CZT. I just got a new set of Lavender Copic Multiliners and had to play. I used Paizel, by Angie Vangalis, CZT, in the front and added some colored pencils as well on the Renaissance tile.
The prompt tangle for Square One, Facebook, is Fassett. I divided the tile into four sections to try different ways to do the tangle.
And, Every Inchie Monday has a prompt word of Cloud. Sorry to do this to you, but I just couldn't get the idea of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs out of my head even though I've never seen the movie LOL!

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Zentangle® Web, Boze, and an Inchie

The Diva Challenge is to do either a Halloween tile or something on black with white. I do enjoy working on black paper, but not so much on the softer tiles. But, I did so for the challenge.
I used Suzanne McNeill's Web and then did a mirror image. I added some Tipple and Betweed with the mirrored image. The main lines were made with a Uniball Angelic White pen and then white charcoal and white Prismacolor pencil was added.

The focus tangle on Square One, Facebook is to use Boze by Jan Steinle. As you can see, I had to do a "what if"!

And, Every Inchie Monday's prompt word is Coastline. I originally come from New Jersey and our favorite place of all was "down the shore" to Seaside Heights. This is the Jersey coastline highlighting where my favorite childhood memories were made. The top star is where I lived at the time, Hawthorne.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Zentangle® 'NZeppel, Flux, Tagh, and an Inchie

The challenge, #290, from I am the Diva, is to use just 'NZeppel and Flux. I though it might be nice to use Flux as the string and fill with the 'NZeppel. I used a Renaissance tile, Polychromos pencils, and charcoal in white and brown.
The focus tangle for Square One on Facebook this week is Tagh.
And the prompt word for Every Inchie Monday is Pirates. This was a fun one to research. I found that there were several famous women pirates. I was most intrigued by a pair that became good friends, Anne Bonny and Mary Reed. The interesting thing was that both of these women were brought up as boys.

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