Monday, January 27, 2014

Inchie, Aquafleur from Zentangle®, and a Zendala

If you are visiting from the "Grow your Blog" site, please go to the last post here.

For my regular visitors, I have completed my Inchie, Dare, and Challenge, as well as a few more art journal pages.

First, the Challenge from The Diva was to do the tangle Aquafleur. I did mine on the new Renaissance tiles and used brown and sepia for the pens and then added some charcoal pencils in sepia, brown and white for accents:

Next up is an Inchie with the prompt of "ballet". I am loving doing these :)

And, finally,  the Zendala Dare from The Bright Owl. I used Laced, Girdy, and a variation of Auraknot.

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Friday, January 24, 2014


Hello Everyone,

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I was intrigued by the thought of having more followers for myself and for learning about new bloggers out there. If you have never visited my blog, welcome, and if you are stopping by from a previous visit, welcome back.

I became a blogger when I decided to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher so that I would have a place to show off my work and to list my classes. My blog has become much more than that though. Through blogging, I have made so many new friends, learned so many new things, and expanded my artistic repertoire.

I have links to everything "Zentangle" on the right side of the blog. On the top bar, click to see some of the work my students have done, check out my newest interest, Art Journaling, see some of my own tangles and more. My blog is constantly growing and I enjoy every minute "feeding" it. I always post at least once a week, sometimes more.

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Thanks for your visit and feel free to contact me at any time:
Jean Chaney

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Zentangle® Dare, Challenge, Gourds, Magnet and an Inchie

I really liked the template this week, #88, from The Bright Owl. I used Sunray, Knightsbridge, and a variant of Crescent Moon:
The Diva's Challenge, #151, was to use the Moebius Syndrome Foundation's logo as your string. Please do look at her post to learn more about this syndrome that her absolutely adorable son has.
Marasu and Bales
My Inchie this week was to use "Brown". This was a lot of fun and I tried several things and finally settled on how you make the color brown. There are many ways to make brown, just browse the Internet, but the simplest is to just use two colors opposite from each other on the color wheel.

I have forgotten to post the work that we did at my monthly group. We were given magnet backed paper and could do whatever we wanted. This is now hanging on my refrigerator. I loved working on this paper because it is soft to draw on and also the pencil blends very nicely:
Meer, Betweed, Tipple
Finally, I finished working on a couple of gourds that my friend, Amy, brought me:
Don't forget, if you have any interest, to look for updates to my Art Journal page on the tabs above. I am having too much fun!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Zentangle® BIG Style, Inchie, Challenge and a Dare

I thought I would start this week with the Diva's Challenge this week, to use one word for the year. I know my word ZENTANGLE! Surprise HAHA!! I decided to do this on a big posterboard so I could take it with me on demos and such.

While I was out, buying posterboard, I thought it might be fun to work on black too. So, I added some of the things that happen once you know Zentangle, like Zendalas, and ZIAs.

Next came the Zendala Dare with a template that just screamed Bunzo to me. I LOVE Bunzo.

Then, came this week's Inchie with Amulet as the word for this week. Add a little of my Copics, some glitter glue, some bling, a variation of Verve and a little stone in the center. Here's to good luck to everyone!

So as not to overwhelm anyone, if you're not already, I have added to my Art Journaling page (click on the tab above if interested) with this week's Journal 52 challenge. Somewhere, a simple place.
See you all next week :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Zentangle® on This and That and More

After scanning, adjusting photos and such, I have come to realize that I am spending way too much time on absolutely everything except being retired. I thought I would have down time and just relax; however, I have jumped into every challenge, dare, group, trade and more. Sigh. I know many of you can relate HAHA!
Sunday, was the Zendala Dare from The Bright Owl. We were to do our work around something that we are grateful for. I am grateful for many, many things, but I really treasure my friends. That, dear reader, includes you as I think the Zentangle community is just so friendly and sharing and I do so appreciate that you stop by and leave comments.
Monday, I like to see what the Challenge is from The Diva. We were asked to do something with the New Year. I also had one of my new online friends, Annemarie, share some beautiful coasters she had done and I thought I would try one, so I combined the two together to come up with this:

Alice in Blue Inchie

Now, I have joined the world of "Inchies". If you look at the side of my blog, there is an Inchie badge. Do go take a look. Every Monday, we have a new prompt. These probably won't include Zentange, though they might. What fun these little pieces of art are. This is my very first one and we were to do "Alice in Blue". Out came my Copics for this one!

Then, of course, I have my Yahoo trades. One was to use a peace sign, one was for ATC's of dressed snowmen (or women), and one was to use only tangles that started with J for January.
Jilly, Jalousie, Jetties
Jonqal, Jitterz, Jambalee
'nzepple, Printemps, Florz, Zinger
Brayd, Betweed
Florz, Ahh, Eke, Diva Dance
Now, if you think that's not enough, please take a look at my ART JOURNAL page on the tabs above to see the fun I am having slopping paints and glue and anything else I can think of as part of Journal52, a group of art journal enthusiasts who will find time to play with a new page each week. It's not too late to join. I won't post these on my main page, so that those of you who are not interested don't have to look at them, but I will update that page with the new things I am doing with that group and with the pages from a journal that I made and am following from the book Art at the Speed of Life.