Monday, April 28, 2014

Zentangle® Challenge, Inchie, New Blog Announcement

I have found blogging a challenge when I try to use the pages. They just don't work the way I like; therefore, I have set up a second blog so that those of you who are interested in my Copic marker work and other colorful journeys may do so. Right now, I only have one more blog but intend to make it three so that I will have one for art journaling also. You will always find the links on the top bar of this blog and you can always come back from the tabs on the top of the new blog. My new blog is called TangleStreetColorway. Please take a look and let me know what you think. (This blog is not leaving. I LOVE my Zentangles!)

Back to what you stopped by for! This week, the Diva challenged us to use Anne Mark's tangle pattern, Camelia. It was to be used in a grid, but grids kind of aren't my style, so I set it free. I really liked it in the same way I like Henna Drum. I can't wait to see some of these done by people who can really make things flow. They will be beautiful. (I wait to look until I am posted.)

Every Inchie Monday's prompt was the word "implausible". Now, that's really going to be fun to see what people came up with!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Zentangle® Earth Day, An Inchie, and Just Fun

Angel Fish, Cat-Kin, Sanibelle, Tipple
This week, I was lucky enough to teach an Organic and Tangled Garden class. What fun! People seem to really love the freedom of a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) and the flow of organic tangles. We worked on tan pape

Onamato, Verve, Reticulated, Nipa

Jonqal, Sandswirl, Lichen, Quib
While I waited for the class to begin, I played with some ATC's with glitter/paint strings:

Every Inchie Monday's prompt was HOT. Oh, the different directions people will go with this one. I can't wait to look, but I never look until I have posted. I'm afraid if I look first, I will be too embarrassed to post mine LOL!!!

And, the Diva challenged us to create a tile for Earth Day. I had to add a bit of Diva Dance to my tree :)

Happy Earth Day to all and thank you for stopping by!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Zentangle® Rixty, an Inchie, and a new pencil bag!

As promised, just a shortie this week. (I went and took two more Copic workshops, so I was busy with coloring.)

 I made myself the cutest little mini book (about 3 x 4") out of H2O painted watercolor paper and decided to do the Diva Challenge Rixty on a double page spread. I just love the look of those watercolors.
Rixty , Zinger, Reef, Fescu, Springkle
The inchie this week, from Every Inchie Monday, had a prompt of "head". I thought of the phrase "heads up" and thought it would be nice to warn everyone of the following:

And, who can resist another pencil bag? Especially a pencil bag that is begging to be tangled. It came with the typewriter and I used the Gel roller from Pentel and the Fabriano for the grey.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Zentangle® with Scratch Paper, an Ichie, a Challenge, and some ITSO Cloisonne

Don't run screaming away from this post; there's a lot to see :) It was a busy week, good kind of busy, with lots of tangling. The ones I really had fun doing were some Zendalas done ITSO (in the style of) Cloisonne. (Which I can't remember how to say well, but , oh what fun doing.) I really love these dares and challenges and swaps because they make me do things I would have never thought of doing. This swap is for my Yahoo group, Zentangle Inspired Art. Look up Cloisonne on Google and then make some fun for yourself. I made my own circles and, using a compass, divided the sections. Gel pens were added for the color.

Jetties, Cadent, Cubine, Chartz, Jonqal

For the Weekly Challenge from Laura, we were to use our initials (JC) as a string. I decided to only use tangles that start with my initials as well:

Inchie: for Every Inchie Monday, I wanted to do some kind of medal of honor, but I was so overwhelmed by the intricacies of them that I went back to my school days before "happy faces" were invented and we got a gold star for good work. I, of course, seldom got the gold LOL!
And finally (you still with me?) the group that I meet with monthly did some scratch art together. It is so much fun to work in a group.

I  promise to be lazier this week and not make you look at so much. Well, maybe........

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Zentangle® Quandary and a Mallard

This has been a coloring week for me. Be sure to check out the tab above to see some of my Copic work. Also, take a look at the letter that I sent to CBS along with a lot of other tanglers to try to spread the love of Zentangle.

This week, the Diva challenged us to do Quandary. I use a grid, so it is as easy as Bales for me. I did curve the grid big time to make it look different. It is kind of soft and gentle, not at all like my usual work:
And, for Every Inchie Monday, the word was "game." Well, think of all the places you could go for that one. I haven't looked yet; I never peek until I post so I won't be swayed by anyone's work. I decided to go with a "game" bird, the mallard.