Monday, June 29, 2015

Zentangle® Some Tipple, Meer, and an Inchie

The Diva posted her last challenge before her summer break; however, I am looking forward to some guest challenges in her absence. This last challenge was to use Tipple. Tipple was a tangle that I really didn't like for the longest time. I thought you had to go all around a string section and then fill in, almost forced like a grid. When I allowed Tipple to just float and fall, I fell in love with this tangle, and you will see it often in my work. Rain is the tangle that the Tipple is spilling through.

Square One, Facebook, had Meer as the tangle for this week. I find that Meer can be another confining tangle if you let it, so I allowed it to expand and have a bit more freedom. I added a tiny Verve in the top corner for some additional interest.
And, the prompt word for Every Inchie Monday this week, is Enjoy. There is a song by Martin Lee Gore called Enjoy the Silence. I sure know that after years of working in a noisy environment, I sure do enjoy the silence.

Thank you so much for stopping by for a look, and I always enjoy reading your comments!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Zentangle® Some Dangles, Arukas and an Inchie

Since we must use a white tile and do traditional Zentangle on Square One, I enjoyed pulling out a tan tile for this week's Diva Challenge, Umble. I used to really dislike the tan tiles as they are much more delicate and don't take to vigorous scrubbing with a blending stump. As you may know, I love shading my tangles. I have learned to just be a bit more gentle and I do love the soft look of the tangles done on the tan tiles now.
More traditionally, the tile for the Facebook group, using Arukas and a bit of a modified Printemps, gave me my much loved shading opportunities.
And, finally, the prompt word for Every Inchie Monday is "apple". It's nice to be the apple of someone's eye :)
Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy reading your comments.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Zentangle® in Full Color, Flux, and an Inchie

Did you all miss me? I notice that hardly anyone comment on last week's post even though I prepared it ahead of time to post while I was gone. Anyway, hubby and I are back and I have been busy trying to catch up on all my emails LOL! Coming home from a "vacation" is exhausting. We love steam trains, and so we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary (If you married a toad, keep going until you find your prince. I finally did!) by taking a train up in Colorado and New Mexico. It was absolutely perfect in every way :)

Now, let's get on to why you're here. You want to see the Diva Challenge for this week, which is to use the colors of the rainbow.

I used my Sakura Gelly Roll pens on a black tile. I shaded with colored pencils and added some white gel pen accents.

Or, maybe you're here to see this weeks tangle from Square One, Facebook, which was Flux. I added a bit of Rixty, Hollibaugh, Tipple, and a partial aura.
Then, again, you may be here to see the Every Inchie Monday square with a prompt word of "Etna!" Did you know that there is an is a fictional character who appears in the Disgaea series of video games? Well, me neither, but in my quest to learn new things, I found out!

I'm happy to be home and hope you all come back and leave me some of your much appreciated comments!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Zentangle® Some Msst and an Inchie

Hello to all of my faithful followers who are looking for the Diva Challenge. Well, I am writing this way ahead of the 8th and setting it to a "schedule publish" so that I will still have a post on Monday. Hubby and I are going away for a few days and I won't be able to do my usual posting. (We are fortunate to have a good friend that stays here at our house for our pets, so don't think this is a good time to come and take all my pens and pencils LOL!)

Anyway, I do have the tile for Square One on Facebook, using Msst. I added Enyshou and Printemps.
And for Every Inchie Monday, the prompt is Permanent. Does anyone else remember permanent waves? Do they still torture people with them? Do they still "stink" as badly?
I won't be able to make comments or anything else this week, so I do apologize for not keeping up with your beautiful work. See you all properly next week though!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Zentangle® Some Boxes, Rain and an Inchie

The first Monday of the month is a UMT, Use My Tangle, over at the Diva Challenge. This month, the tangle is from CZT Alice Hendon, called All Boxed Up. Now, apologies to Alice, as her tangle is so beautiful and her directions are quite clear. However, it wouldn't be my work if I didn't stretch it just a tad, and so I did by using a string rather than boxes to start with. Please do look up the "real" way to do this fun tangle.
Square One from Facebook asked for Rain this week. I did some positive and negative Rain and then I added some random 'Nzeppel to it.
And, for Every Inchie Monday, the prompt was "pillow"! I've always wondered if pillows can actually talk.
Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoy all the comments you leave!