Tuesday, July 2, 2013

CZT and Chaz

I AM A CZT!!! The CZT training in Rhode Island was just wonderful. Rick and Maria and their whole family were so generous with their time and so welcoming to all of us. I enjoyed every minute of it. The hotel was so charming. I particularly loved the beautiful stairway that I ran up and down six floors between all breaks, not because there was no elevator, but because they fed us so well :}
Looks kind of like Rick's Paradox, yes?

I also was so happy to meet some of my tangling friends from the Yahoo ZIA group that I belong to as well as making many new friends.

I was so inspired by everything that I learned and saw that I came up with a new tangle that I have named Chaz. I saw this hanging in a local restaurant:


From this, I came up with a very simple tangle that can fill a single tile and be used as a sting itself (as Rick observed, like a Zendala), made small and used to fill in an area, or curve the lines to be more organic. Lots of choices with this one. Here are the step outs using Linda's template from tanglepatterns.com

Or, one with curved lines:

I hope you enjoy playing with this one.
Thanks for looking!