Friday, August 9, 2013

Tangles Galore August 9, 2013

I now have a Facebook page just for Tangle Street. I was afraid my family and friends really didn't want to think I have nothing in my life but Zentangle. Hummmm.....
Anyway, should you like to see it, I have a link on the right side of my posts.

A few fun things this week. Henna Drum (Jane MacKugler) was the tangle to use for  the Diva Challenge. I wanted to play with my new Zenstone, available from Zentangle:

 The first one is done completely with the Zenstone, except for my signature (didn't want you to miss that HAHA)

For the second one, I used a white gel pen and did the aura with the Zenstone.

For the contest for the Beez Ink Studio,
We were to use Hemp. Boy,what a battle I had with this one. If I would slow down a bit and remember that I am doing Zentangle, well, I just should.

 Just for fun and a smile:

And, finally, Roy at Mindful Creations' adventure had us using Cracked by Lori Howe:


  1. Love all these! The cracked cats have won me over.
    That Zenstone effect is stunning, isn't it. I have a soap stone pencil set on the way, can't wait to use them. I love your white on black pieces. I love them all!

    Thank you for your comment on the teardrop on my blog. I discovered all this on TanglePatterns. Have a look at this link:

    1. Thanks so much, Zoe, especially for that link. I will have to give it a try.

  2. All are beautiful! The Zenstone makes a nice effect. I love your cute cats! They make me smile!!

    1. Thanks LonettA. It was fun working with the Zenstone. I have a couple of them and I love the sound they make when they click together. It takes so little to amuse me HAHA!