Saturday, April 20, 2013

This and That and a Monotangle Adventure

We had a lovely visit with friends from Canada yesterday. I gave my sewing friend a label for one of her fabric boxes:
Then, I demonstrated Zentangle for a new Canadian friend:
Today, I worked on a white on black:
I used chalk for the shading. Not sure how I like that though.

Then, I worked on something like Zentangle®, but not really. This is for my Yahoo group's TOW (tangle of the week). It is called Mehndi and is used to do henna patterns. Look it up on the Internet and you will find many beautiful patterns. It is very soft in some respects as it can't be shaded, and then it is also heavier as all small dots will be filled. This is only if you are truly trying to make it look like henna body painting though.
And, finally, I finished Roy's monotangle adventure for Onamato:


  1. You did a lot of things and they are all beautiful.
    The Onamato is very beautiful, I like the way your pears are smiling.