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4-26-2014 Journal 52 Refresh (What's more refreshing than water?)
Blue acrylic, water bubbles of molding paste and silver acrylic, drawn faucet colored with Sharpie Permanent Silver, Gelato drips followed by silver ink drips, stencil overspray on bottom with cream acrylic.Water and snowflakes stamped with silver, rest with black. Gel pen accents.

4-21-14 Art at the Speed of Life, Lesson 26, Using and Reusing
Yellow acrylic bubble wrap dote, turquoise acrylic on powdered drink can edge, wire bruch pulled, penny stamp with brown, blue watercolor wash, brown blown watercolor drips, scraped yellow watercolor, needlepoint mesh sprayed on right.

4-19-2014 Journal 52 Recycled Art
Recycled cardstock, acrylic paint, leftover music sheet, practice flower sheets with white acrylic dabbed through old non-slip placemats, red paper grabbed from trash for words, gellatos, pencil in black and white gel pen.

4-15-2014 Journal 52 Party Animal
Blue and pink acrylic on cardstock. Molding paste for white dots and acrylic for yellow dots, Copic colored frog with yarn hat topper and ribbon tongue with button fly. Magazine balloons with glitter and string. Pencil shading.

4-5-2014 Journal 52 Rain or Shine
Blue cardstock, cut out coloring book pages of clouds, and umbrella colored with Copics, texture with gesso white and blue, hand written nothing can rain on my, stamped parade. Added water soluble pencil and gel pens.

4-4-2014 Art at the Speed of Life, Lesson 25, Urban Street Art
Spray Inks, Black Markers, letter stamps, and White Gel Pen

3-30-2014 Journal 52, Week 13 How Does Your Garden Grow
Black cardstock, molding paste w/orange acrylic through flower stencil. Yellow acrylic in two shades stamped with two different flower stamps. Drops of white and black acrylic. Added words on black paper with gold gel pen touched by white edges using paint pen.

3-28-2014  Art at the Speed of Life, Lesson 24, Grand Gestures
Gestural drawing with pen and water soluble pencil.

3-23-2014 Week 12, A Day in the Week of Me
Cardstock painted a cream acrylic, stamped with my own carved swirl stamp using a lavender acrylic. Stamped and embossed clear leaves and dropped currant, slate and meadow alcohol inks on water sprayed page, sprayed again and added drops of rubbing alcohol. I had a Sharpie oil based paint pen in metallic silver that would only blob, so I blobbed away. Stamped foam letters on Color Box Silver and went around letters with black ink.

3-15-2014 Week 11, Stars
Solid star stencils covered with spiral stencil on white, spray Color Wash in Denim. Tangle with blue pen, add blue color pencil. Words with Pitt white and gel pen. Spray with Perfect Pearls.

3-12-2014 Week 10, Create for a Cause
Zentangle is my passion. I wish everyone knew the real difference between doodling and the structured patterning of Zentangle. If you don't, please take a class or two from a Certified Zentangle Teacher and find out what you are missing.

3-8-2014 Week 9, Color Swatch Inspiration
A Sweet Excursion Through Color: Cardstock painted with Antique White acrylic, circles done with blue highlighter and orange Bic Mark-It. Collage, wooden oval, colored pencil shading, gel pens and Spectrum Noirs.

Journal 52, Week 8 Found Poetry
Tan cardstock, Antique white acrylics, Distress Ink in Vintage Photo, tiny music stamp. Found poetry from Poem Songs for the People by Frances Harper. Child's lullaby from an old Welsh folk song with English words by Harold Boulton.

Journal 52, Week 7 When I Grow Up

Well, I have no idea. I never even heard of Zentangle, or Art Journaling 10 years ago. I didn't knit, or spin, or dye yarn. I wasn't teaching at that time and didn't know I would go back to it. So, I am just open to whatever I still become "when I grow up!"
Light purple acrylic on cardstock stamped with my own handcarved stamps. Blobs of yellow mounding paste. Vellum ? , black pen with white accents.
Art at the Speed of Life, Lesson 22
Started with parts of a calendar page. Added acrylics, watercolors, collage, tangles, sprays, and pens.

Art at the Speed of Life, Lesson 21
Blue Cardstock, White Acrylic with sponge, Dylusion Lemon Zest Spray, Yellow Acrylic daubber, flower in white is my own rubber stamp as well as the leaves, hummingbird is a purchased stamp, pop-up butterfly colored with Copics.
 Journal 52, Week 6 The Art of Love Letters
Gelli printed page, Gesso, Drywall tape, my own carved heart stamp, wooden heart button, Washi tape, Glitter glue, and, of course, me and my honey :)

2-5-2014 Art at the Speed of Life, Lesson 20
Mixed papers cut, yellow water color crayon, ghost hand with Pitt white, and black pen writing.

2-02-2014 Journal 52, week five ABSTRACT:

Gelli Print with blues/purples/reds. Acrylic with kitchen scrubie in white. Alcohol inks dripped and manipulated with rubbing alcohol. Sharpies in purple, brown, black. Pitt white pen, water soluble pencils red and purple with baby wipes.

Art at the Speed of Life 17 and 18:
Copics and Ink

Book page, black inks over white wash. Touch of gray.

1-27-14 Journal 52, week four CHARACTER:
Spray inks over stencils, words printed on tissue paper that was run through printer, drips of alcohol ink, blue do a dot acrylics, dryer sheet over bottom right side sprinkled with glitter. Handwriting with black pen and white highlighting.

1-26-14 Art at the Speed of Life, study #17
I enjoyed making my own carved stamp for this one. I used Inktense blocks for the background, tan cardstock, brown ink for the stamp.

Then, I added some color. I actually used highlighters because no other form of color would cover. I suppose acrylics would, but I didn't want to use acrylics.

1-24-14 Art at the Speed of Life, study #16
Acrylic background. Scrapbook paper, Orange Bic Marker, Yellow acrylic, black pen outline and new Pilot Parallel Pen.

Journal 52, week three, You Make Me Smile:
Acrylic background. Dots are "Do-A-Dot" with rubbing alcohol dropped in center. Crayons came from an envelope from the Crayola Co. and colored with crayons then shaded and accented with colored water soluble pencils and blended with a baby wipe. Attached Magazine words with gel medium and underlined with Frayed Burlap Distress Marker. Glitter Glue.

Looking through the door of the last page.


Self-Portrait. Background Prang Metalic Watercolors. Bottom left, handmade heart stamp. Collage.

1-15-14 Art at the Speed of Life, study #15
Watercolors, crayon, ink, gel pen, buttons, brads, string. The door is cut and opens to the next page view.

This week, the Journal 52 prompt was "Somewhere-A Simple Place. I have decided to live in a world of COLOR. One day, my son when he was only a tyke, was watching an old black and white television show. I comment that, when I was little, that's what I watched. Wide eyed, he asked me "What was it like before they invented color?" thinking that the whole world was black and white. Imagine.
Book page glued to cardstock and covered with gesso. Acrylic paint pounced through stencil. Neocolor crayons sprayed with water then rolled with paper towel. Defined yellow with orange Inktense. Add cut out letters with gel medium. Added glitter glue, shadow with water soluble pencil and added words with black pen.

First, here is the book cover that I made to start my Journal52. I used a small three ringed binder and covered it with a paper bag, like we did when we were in school:

 Here is my first page of "Up Up and Away". I started thinking of those thistle seeds that just gracefully float. Who knows where they will wind up.
I used acrylic paint with a scrubbing pad, added masking tape and Distress Inks. Then I used Do a Dot of blue acrylic with a dab of rubbing alcohol to make it spread. I used acrylics on the thistle and a clear gel pen, added gel medium to the masking tape, stamped with green ink, embossed the yellow dots and added the words.

I have been learning a lot with the book I got called, Art at the Speed of Life. Sandra Strait got me going on this as she did a really wonderful set of studies.  Here are a few pages so far:

As of December 25, 2013
As of January 6th, 2014
As of January 11, 2014

This was a lot of fun. I used Scribbles puff paint from Michael's to make my string. Added crayon water colors and tangled. Lots of fun. Do wait for each layer to dry first though!

********************************************************************************I think it is time to have a side street from Tangle Street. I am really enjoying playing with my paints, glue, stamps and such in some art journals. These may be of no interest to tanglers, so I thought I would have a separate page for these.

I found a lovely little travel journal with very thin paper. But, I loved it and just covered each sheet with gesso and went ahead with adding paints, stamps, collage and such. It had two little pockets inside, so I found several suggestions for how to use an art journal and listed these and folded that sheet inside the front pocket. She love the gift. The book is from The Occasional Artist. Here is the cover and a few of my favorite pages that she will be able to journal on to:


  1. Nice to see all your journal 52 pages, I had seen some on the Facebook site but not all! I'll be bookmarking your blog to keep up to date....I've been having fun doing them and am busy playing catch up with the Documemted Life Project pages that I'm combining with the Journal 52 ones.

    1. Thanks so much, Sally, for winding your way all the way down to the bottom of this page :) Hopefully, my new blog will make it easier for people to find my work, especially when I set up a new one just for art journaling.

  2. 2016, and I've just come across these. I love your pages.


    1. Thank you very much, Joyce. Thanks for stopping by!