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As always, if you know that this exact pattern already exists, please let me know and I will remove it at once.

May 27, 2017
Spinz I am always looking for a free flowing and organic tangle to fill in those empty spaces, Ahh style.

 Shown with Debbie New's Dreamdex:
March 3, 2017
Puffin, because the shapes reminded me of this funny little bird!
Em 'n Em stands for Morning Musings as this pattern developed while I was playing with 'nZepple. I can imaging that there are lots of different ways to play with this one.
 Side Steppin' is one I have used for a long time. You can add side steps any time you want and go in different directions at the same time.
January 11, 2014
I don't exactly know where this came from. I was just thinking of squares and it developed from there. When it was complete, it reminded me of the balancing scales.


 Please let me know if this pattern already exists and I will remove it immediately.

November 11, 2013
On a recent trip to Las Vegas for a friend's wedding, I embarrassed my husband more than once by making him hold my purse, etc., so I could take pictures of patterns that I saw just everywhere. (The one from the bathroom walls, I did by myself.) This is a photo of the carpeting in the hotel we stayed in:

And, this is what I came up with:

This pattern could be used singly as a nice border too.

Please let me know if this pattern already exists and I will remove it immediately.

June 2013 at CZT training.

I actually have taught this pattern for over 30 years. Not as Zentangle, but as a fun thing for my students to do when I was an elementary school art teacher. When I saw the hanging light while at lunch during my training, I knew I had to present it to the whole group. Everyone, including Rick and Maria, liked Chaz!

Please let me know if this pattern already exists and I will remove it immediately

Based on this.


  1. Hello Jean thanks for the compliments, greets Viola Netherlands

  2. It is a great pleasure to visite you Blog

    1. Thank you Grit. It's always nice to see that someone has visited this page :)

  3. Hey, Jean. I saw Margurite's (I hope I spelled that right), comment to you that she wanted to know where your own tangles were kept and you put the address in and I came here also...hope you don't mind. I like Chaz too, very nice. Balantz is very close to Oof although not totally. I think I want to work on your piece of carpet the way it looks in your photo, though. Just to let you know. Nice to see your smiling face again. I saw a picture of you and your husband goofing off somewhere and you both were laughing your heads off...can't think of where I saw it, but it was funny. See you later. Duane.

    1. Nice of you to visit and leave a comment, Duane. As far as the carpet goes, do make up your own. Now that I look at it I'm sure you can improve on a tangle. You probably saw the picture on Facebook. That's where I use that photo of me and my hubby. He was being silly. Love that man!

  4. Yes, I know about our loving our spouses....I tell DeAnna that she better love me, it keeps her healthy...we have always kidded around about that since we were married 31 years ago.