Monday, July 15, 2013

Zendala Dare #65, Knightsbridge Monotangle, and Some Play

I have so many kettles in the fire since I have retired. I guess I think I have to do just everything in the world TODAY! I will, hopefully, slow down soon. HAHA!

First, the Zendala Dare from The Bright Owl.

The first one I did was so busy that I thought it looked just messy. So, I redid it with a little less going on:

I was trying to avoid the "busy bee" look, but I think I wound up with it in both anyway.

I also can't figure out how Erin makes hers stand out with that curved and dimensional edge. So, I rubbed some pencil along the line. Not it. Any suggestions?

Roy's Adventure using a monotangle had us using Knightsbridge:

This was a good one for me to do because I always avoided Knightsbridge. Two reasons. First, I thought it was boring - NOT, and because it uses up a lot of ink - it does.

And, this is part of my "play" this week.

When I was an art teacher to very bright 1st through 8th graders, I introduced them to geometric designs. That was a million years ago and I have since forgotten how to do these. I ran across my old teaching materials and found the book that I had learned from in order to teach the children. "Creative Constructions" by Dale Seymour and Reuben Schadler 1974. Using a long strip of white tagboard (6" x 28") folded into a book style format, I started drawing a triangle, square and so on. After I did that, I thought I should play with different markers that I have to see what kind of bleed through different markers would leave me, and finally, I tangled them. For this one, I used Prang Brush Pens. They did not bleed through.

 This one, using Sandy Steen Bartholomew's pattern Y.A.F. is done with Copics. Big bleed through. They sure are nice to work with though. I added colored pencils for depth. On the other side, I just did a repeat of the triangle with Distress markers, that do not bleed, and tangled Rick's Paradox. (I won't make you look at every one :) )

The next is a simple square I colored with Bic Mark-It. These were nice to work with but they did bleed as well. So, there is an untangled square in the same color on the other side.
Finally, my favorite, Octagon Tangled:

This was done with Ranger Distress Markers. I love these markers. No bleed through. These are not color choice that I would consider favorites of mine, but I tend to buy things that are on sale and sometimes the choices aren't all that great!

I am also working on an art journaling book that I am making on my own. I will post some of that later on the Art Journal page later this week.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a walk with me down Tangle Street.


  1. Both zendalas are lovely. Each of them has a separate impression. My favorite is the second one. Your Knightbridge has very nice variations. Also the other works are all wonderful. I love your way of coloring! My favorite is the octagon. It´s great!

    1. Thanks Lonett. I have mixed feelings about color. Guess I'll just have to keep experimenting.

  2. Love all your tiles, but the Knightsbridge in yellow, black, and red is very dramatic.

    1. Thank you, Beverly. I enjoyed doing it.

  3. Wow, you have been very busy! The zendala's are both very nice, but the second one is beautiful. I think I agree with you that the first one is very busy, so there is more tranquility in the second.
    The Knightbrudge is stunnng.
    The rest is beautiful too.

    1. Yes, Annemarie, busy it is. I almost tossed it. However, this is a learning experience too so I kept it to remind myself that sometimes less is more!

  4. You have been busy Jean! lots of beautiful work. Great Zendalas and fab use of Knightsbridge. As far as the shading on the edge maybe try to shade in a more wider area to give depth. I'm not sure how she does it and it could very well be done with an editing program :)

  5. Thanks, Lila. I'm starting to think that some of the work that I am admiring out there is actually done with computer editing programs. That's okay, but I wish it were labeled as such. What do you think? Next time, I'll try a wider band of shading though to see. Thanks for the input.