Monday, June 19, 2017

Zentangle® Strutz, Aura, and a Splash of Color

The non-dominate hand challenge showed up today at I am the Diva. We are to aura a tangle. She encouraged us to think that our tile has "character"! Mine certainly does! I did everything, including the shading and chop with my left hand.
I use kind of a half Ing and Rain to aura using a Renaissance tile.

The focus tangle on Square One, Facebook is Strutz by Sarah Fowler. Most of the shared tangles look like melting tinker toys. They really look great that way and I encourage you to take a look at this fun tangle.

And, for the splash of color, I thought it would be fun to play with a spiral and some 'Nzeppel. I used Copics to color.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Zentangle® Dansk, Verve, Showgirl, and Dew Drops

I was so pleased to see CZT Margaret Bremner's Dansk pop up on I am the Diva for this week's challenge. I immediately thought of Verve for the centers and built up from there. Of course, I had to criss-cross rather than go under each one. I used a die cut from Stampin Up to create the shape for filling.
I used Polychromos colored pencils for the darker blues and a pastel pencil for shading.

Square One, Facebook, has a focus tangle of Showgirl by Vicki Bassett to which I added Quib.

And, feeling like doing a couple of dew drops, I grabbed a 3Z tile and did some very simple tangles so I could put my focus on the dew drops.
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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Zentangle® Beads of Courage and Puffin

Using Beadlines to pull together another Beads of Courage for the I am the Diva challenge this year. I used Gansai Tambi watercolors, in some of the shades associated with specific beads, on a regular Zentangle tile, sprayed it with Shimmer Mist and covered it with crinkled Saran Wrap. When dry, I used some of the shapes I saw to create the beads. 

It was so thrilling to see my tangle, Puffin, show up as the focus tangle on Square One, Facebook. I was so busy commenting on every entry that I ran out of time to do a second. So, here is a repost of the original tile using Puffin with Noom and a link to the stepouts.

Used on a card with Copics
Here is a direct link to some of the wonderful ways that were used to create some fantastic tiles. Thanks for all your support!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Zentangle® a Diptych, Dreamdex, Spinz, and Teaching

Laura, over at I am the Diva, challenged us to do a Diptych. Since I do not have the app, I did some of my own research to see some examples. I adapted an arch, cut with a Die-namics die, to make a split tangle that I applied to a card base.
The center, cut is flat and the edges are raised with foam tape and centered in the stitched border.

Square One, on Facebook, has a focus tangle of Dreamdex by CZT, Debbie New.
I added my newest tangle, Spinz, to the lovely tangle that Debbie created.

I always enjoy seeing photos from my Online friends. I seldom post them, but I had such a great time teaching a fun group of "real life" friends some Zentangle, that I decided to share a photo of me actually teaching and some of the completed tiles. As you can see, one of the ladies is really interested in ZIA, Zentangle Inspired Art!
Teaching Zentangle

Beginner Class

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Zentangle® Signalz and a Spooky Treat

First, let me apologize to anyone who's blog I didn't make it to last week. I was gone for several days while I attended an Advanced Copic (alcohol markers) Retreat. I am so far behind on everything that I am going to use an image that we colored at the retreat and add it to a tangled background for this week's I am the Diva challenge. Not a photo, but an image just the same set on an easel card base.
Regular followers will know that coloring and cardmaking are my other loves. If you would like to see more, hop over to my other blog TangleStreetColorway.

The focus tangle for Square One, Facebook, is Signalz by Bev Ripps.
That's it for this week. Hopefully, I will be back on track soon.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Zentangle® Stipes, Paizel, and a Bookmark

Stripes is the challenge over at I am the Diva this week. I was inspired by Laura's use of a round tile, so I thought I'd try a 3Z.
I used Diva Dance Watlz, Hibred/Band, 'Nzeppel, Vega, and Beeline.

The focus tangle for Square One, Facebook, is Paizel by CZT Angie Vandalis. I did this before the Diva challenge and realized that this was done in stripes as well!
Your splash of color is a bookmark that I made at a class I recently completed at one of the local libraries for Zentangle Inspired Art, or ZIA. Simple sample tangles (Hollibaugh, Bales, Tipple) and colored pencils. Everyone enjoyed it and went home with a completed bookmark and info on how to learn more about Zentangle.

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Zentangle® Molygon, Balo, Flux, and 'Nzeppel

We are revisiting Molygon over at I am the Diva this week. Always a good idea to go back to tangles that you enjoyed but often forget to use.
I so enjoyed doing tangles on cardboard, that I used another one this week. I drew the Molygon around a circle using a Copic multiliner in purple. Then, I went around in gel pens filling in the negative space. A white colored pencil added some highlights and a white gel pen aura was added to the entire outer edge.

The focus tangle for Square One on Facebook was to use Jodi Christiansen, CZT's, Balo.
And, for this week's extra, the next page of my Zentangle journal featuring variations of Flux and 'Nzeppel.
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Monday, May 1, 2017

Zentangle® Scallamps, Xircus, Andromeda, Cloudfall, and Drogon

Amazingly it is May already, so it's time for a UMT (use my tangle) over at I am the Diva. This month, the tangle comes from Sarah Uram, CZT, and is called Scallamps. I love this tangle! Do check it out and give it a try.
I used a 3Z tile, a red Copic multiliner, and red colored pencil.

Square One's focus tangle is by Lily Moon. Sad events going on for her, so we all penciled in our love for Lily and then used a heart as a string using some of her tangles.  Andromeda, Cloudfall, and Drogon are the ones I selected.
And for another splash of color:
Overlapping Xircus (step-outs from your local CZT) on a recycled coffee box (cut out with a textured edge die cut) using Copic markers, white pencil, and edged with Tim Holtz Picker Fence ink.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Zentangle® on a Beautiful Amanda Day

Happy Amanda Day! Do go read about it over at I am the Diva! For my Earth Day project, I thought I should make complete use of a tile and do the back as well. The red square logo prompted me to use a red gel pen and continue the squares, overlapping them. Then, I added Sez, Rain, and Tipple. I used a bit of rainbow colored pencils as well.
The focus tangle for Square One, Facebook, is to use CZT Beate Winkler's Funbee. I thought it went well with Mooka and a bit of Beadline.
This week, I am sharing a journal page where I explored a bit of Tipple and Rixty. Tipple was one of those tangle that I just didn't like until I ignored the step-outs. I have loved it ever since.
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Monday, April 17, 2017

Zentangle®, Ropuz Fill, 5C Drop, Romancy, and Weben

Such a fun challenge from I am the Diva this week! We are to use something liquid spilled as a string. I had to get out my Distress Inks and play with two tiles.
The first, I let plain water drip down the tile and then held watered Distress Inks over it with a water brush. Color flowed. While wet, I changed directions and added a darker color. Then, I added some wet red. The second one was used to pick up the "slops" of leftover wet inks.
I selected the first tile to work with this time, and I had a lot of fun working with two tangles from Ina Sonnenmoser: Ropuz Fill and 5C Drop. A tiny bit of Betweed, Tipple and a minimal amount of shading finished this tile.

The focus tangle for Square One on Facebook is to use Ida Lowenherz' Weben (this is on Flickr, so you might not be able to access it if you don't have an account).
And for another splash of color, a bit of Romancy, done with Copics.
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Monday, April 10, 2017

Zentangle® Paradox, Puffin and Joki

This week, over at I am the Diva, we were challenged to use "Circle Square String Theory". Fun. I'm certain that I will not be the only one to immediately think of this.
Like looking in a mirror, the circles and squares just repeat until I couldn't anymore. A curved version of Paradox filled in the corners created. I used a Renaissance tile, Stabilo CarbOthello in sepia, and a white colored pencil.

The focus tangle on Square One, Facebook, is Joki by Kim Aarts-Bruins. Certainly one worth knowing.
And, for your "wake-up" dash of color:
I used my own tangle, Puffin, and Copic markers, I created a tangled card.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Zentangle® Frunky and Y-ful Power

This week, being the first Monday of the month, is a UMT (Use My Tangle) week over at I am the Diva. This one comes from Katharina K├Ânigsbauer-Kolb and is called Frunky. She offered several variations and so I used one of hers and added my own as well.
The focus tangle on Square One on Facebook is to use Y-Ful Power by Shoshi.
I kept this one simple, mostly because I couldn't think of anything unusual to do with it.

And, for this week's burst of color, I tried Y-Ful using my Copic markers with a bit of white gel pen highlighting.

As usual, I want to thank all of you who faithfully leave me comments. They truly make me smile!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Zentangle®, Noom, Pico, and My New Tangle, Puffin

I was happy to see Noom show up as the challenge on I am the Diva this morning. I have never felt such a need to try a tangle in the round, what fun it was too. (I admit to having drawn a circle in pencil as a string to work on. Otherwise this would not have wound up in the round!) This is a great tangle to separate other tangles on a tile as well.
I added my newest tangle, Puffin, in the middle. As you can see, this can be worked grid/dot style or totally free form.
The focus tangle on Square One on Facebook is to use Pico by Staub Korn (step-outs only available on Facebook). This is a great tangle that has so many possibilities. I squeezed three into this busy looking tile.
And, just to make sure you're still awake, for fun and color, here's Aquafleur worked over a stencil with Sandy Steen Bartholomew's tangle Buttercup all done in Copic markers.
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Monday, March 20, 2017

Zentangle® Some Mac 'n Cheese

This week over at I am the Diva, the challenge is to use our favorite tangles. Our "go to" tangles. Our "mac "n cheese"! Fun and no pressure at all. I selected Mooka, Bunzo, Verve, and Tipple. All my favorites and easy for me to do.

The focus tangle from Square One on Facebook is Nuwave by Beth Snoderly. Again, I played with a variation of Footlights.

And, this week I really wanted to try  making some bubbles with Copic markers. I used Sandy Steen Bartholomew’s Buttercup, Carole Ohl's Footlights, and then added my bubbles for fun. 

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Zentangle® Zingo, MI2, and Some Copic Fun With Tangles

This week over at I am the Diva, the challenge is to use Zingo. This tangle was presented to us by the lovely Indy and Mazzy, Molly's little darlings. Fun tangle to learn from these really great teachers!
I used a traditional white Zentangle tile, Zig Millennium and colored pencils.

The focus tangle from Square One on Facebook is MI2, by Mimi Lempart, CZT. I allowed a few Hollibaugh boards to slide into this one.

And, instead of my Zentangle journal this week, I thought I would share a couple of pieces showing what a difference just a few changes can make to a finished piece by "breaking" the rules (or just modifying the stepouts).
The tangles used are Floatfest by Carole Ohl CZT, Garlic Cloves by Jacquelien Bredenoord, and Bunzo.
These were colored with Copic Markers. The technique used is called Bokeh.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Zentangle® Amphora, Por Fin, Bales, and Striping

This is a "use my tangle" week over at I am the Diva. The selected tangle is Amphora by Lily Moon. This is on a Renaissance tile with a sepia Micron, white colored pencil, and a rust colored pastel pencil.
The focus tangle for Square One on Facebook is Por Fin by Cathy Staeven, CZT. I added Squid.
And, in my journal, I explored Bales and Striping.
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